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You might have to put your pareidolia to work.Collapse )

Last month, coming home from my friend's bachelor party.

Last week, after the first National Roller Derby championship.

Earlier today.

I lent these to my lover back in 2004, and I hadn't seen all of them together ever since. We broke up and I'm no longer welcome in her house so it was years before I got most of them back, from her brother.
Issue twelve, however, was one that got lost at some point, when they moved or something. Then it was found, but she simply refused to give it back. And now, after some twists and turns they're finally all together again.
I feel so fucking good about this. Really, I sang my way back home today.
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VIII, or XI. It's complicated.
It's a work in progress, so tear it down gently I guess?
I've gone through my diary of last year, and this is what I've found.

Bought a Hello Kitty bubble blower.
Took a picture with a snake on my back.
Went to my friend's house in the mountains. Forgot the bubble blower there.
Made a few friends in the freshmen.
My resolution was taken from Winter's Bone, "never ask for what ought to be offered", and I didn't keep it.
Had a really big fight with my ex, we stopped talking.
Went for the first time to Theatro Municipal, to watch Metropolis with my friend Julia.
Met a friend from college who'd been gone away for years.
Went rock climbing with my mom's boyfriend.
Went to a design convention, met Paula, who I've been friends with over the internet for years.
Played Shadow of the Colossus for the first time.
Went to a punk rock party with friends from college, where I drank tequila for the first time.
Bought Die Walküre on vynils, haven't listened to it.
Met a former roommate from years ago, found out he was gay and kinda obsessed with me.
Ex started talking to me again.
Watched Miwa Matreyek perform.
Made two new friends, Bianca and Tatiana, at a horror film festival.
N021, the national design convention, happened in Rio. It ended with a water gun party.
A roleplaying campaign I've been playing on for a long, long, LONG time ended.
Watched Rio's roller derby league, the Sugar Loathe Derby Girls.
Watched Super 8, my first movie on IMAX, which began a tradition for me and a group of friends.
Went to São Paulo to watch X Japan live.
We had a Beerfest, after 3 years without one.
Met my friend Thais, after I don't even know how long.
Had a fight with a roommate.
A close friend fell into depression, we went a while without seeing him, but he's recovering. I'm writing this from his bedroom right now.
Went to the last show of Broken Social Scene.
A friend went to London, lived there for a while, but it didn't work out so he came back.
Went to my dad's store's Christmas barbecue. Decided I won't go to another.
Started reading Dune.
Bianca, whom I'd met at the film festival, went to Europe, possibly for good.
Spent new year's eve with my dad at his apartment at the beach, after over ten years without going there.

So, yeah, pretty eventful year. There's been some bad, but mostly good.

I don't have a resolution, or any particular goals for the year.
But I have started my "new system", a list of Things I No Longer Do. I will write this list, and keep it close so I don't fall into this stuff I want to avoid, and update it as more come up. Next post will be the beginning of the list, and I guess I'll maybe post the new items as they're added to it.

Even satanists.
I've recently come into contact with Rio's roller derby league, the Sugar Loathe Derby Girls. They've been around for over a year, but I only got to know about them a few months ago, and a couple weeks ago I went to watch their training. Most of the pics I took turned out crappy because my camera is not that good and I didn't want to ask them to stop what they were doing and pose, that'd be stupid. So, basically it came down to these two.

In glasses and helmet, Moshzilla Firefox, my new crush.

That's the only group shot I could get, and it's not that good. There's someone I'd like to point out: Red shirt girl on the far left is Lola No Limits. That's her name because she keeps running and jumping into stuff with little regard for her physical integrity. It's thrilling to watch.
You can't read it in the pic, but her shirt says TEAM AWESOME.
Meanwhile, cats.
I woke up today three times.
One at 6 AM, I should have gotten out of bed but instead I set my alarm to ring again at 7.
Then I woke up at 7, and I still didn't get out of bed.
So I finally woke up at 8:30, got out of bed, but was too late to take my exam.
It's exam week. Starting today, or well, tomorrow, there's work I have to turn in (still not done) and exams I have to take (haven't studied for).

I'm angry with myself for that, but still don't take action about it.
Just now, a car stopped in front of my school. A guy and girl stepped out of it, they were wearing Día de Muertos makeup. And I will never know why.

Picture-heavyCollapse )

The end/beginning of the year's been pretty awesome so far.
There was Angelo's birthday on the 30th, then New Year's Eve at Nunes.
I watched Scott Pilgrim in the theatre again, BEST MOVIE EVER.

One day, just outside the mall, there was a guy with a snake wrapped around his neck. It was awesome. I asked him if I could take a picture of them, and he said, "You want me to put her around your neck?", of course I was scared, but I said yes, gave the guy my camera, and tried to smile while terrified.
And in this one I'm just terrified.
It's a very weird, very funny sensation, having her slither around on your back. Just sucks that I was so scared, I wish I looked better in the photos.

On the 3rd, we went to my friend's aunt's house in the mountains. There's a river and fresh air and a pool, but we mostly just played videogames.
There was a snake in his garden. A shame they had to kill it. I was really pissed about the maitenance guy not just leaving her somewhere in the woods.

So, after coming back from the mountain, I spent the last week in Juiz de Fora, doing very close to nothing, and tomorrow I arrive in Rio again, and let the partying begin.
I hope everyone's had a good Christmas Eve.
Mine really sucked.
My mom was trying to get me and my brother to take holiday pictures, but we really weren't in the mood, so she got upset about it, she didn't have dinner with us.
I tried to talk to her but she was drunk and we had a pretty bad argument and she said many things she won't like to hear about when we talk again.

I hope things will be better tomorrow.
I can't chew on anything, so I'm on a diet of jello, ice cream and noodles for at least another week.

I've been in Juiz de Fora for two weeks now, and I haven't done anything of consequence.
What I am doing is playing Odin Sphere, which is an awesome game. It feels just like a fairytale. What I should be doing is organizing my things. My college papers, my books, everything's in disarray and I really should do something about it before I go back to Rio.
And there is, of course, the issue of drawing and making a god damned portfolio so I can start looking for work next year.

Downloading Braid and Machinarium, the Humble Bundle thing. I've wanted these games for as long as I've been aware of them, so this is very fortunate. I'm afraid my computer won't run either game, but at least I'll burn them to a DVD for when better times come.

Unidade Imaginária has both their CDs for download at their site: http://unidadeimaginaria.com.br , I strongly recommend you download them.

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Those are from almost a month ago, but I could only be bothered to upload them today, so, hm, yeah.

The first steps into the water are the worst, but it got better quick.
That's my mom's boyfriend Flávio, by the way.

Even though it was so close to the shore, it was already very deep.

Getting pinballed around by the waves. I must have eaten a ton of sand on that one.

The current was very strong, so when I came out of the water I was spent.
It was awesome.
Last night I started reading Mouse Guard, I'm absolutely amazed.
The characters, at least so far, are very simple, which makes them very likable and easy to relate to. The Guard is honest and brave, unquestionably. There is power in that simplicity.
Even as short as the issues are, they're filled with heroism.
And don't even get me started on the art.
Sadie <3

Also, just found this video and it made me cry like a child.
So incredibly beautiful.
It was my birthday on the 16th, and my mom and her boyfriend took me out to eat lobster.
I'm kinda disappointed with lobster really, I thought it'd be a crunchy shell and soft in the inside, it turns out you don't eat the shell and the meat is a bit hard.
Then we went to the beach, which was a lot of fun. I hadn't gone into the sea in months.


Meh. Things are what they have been for a while, I'm still not studying, my college work keeps piling up before me and I'm doing nothing about it. Not working either, which at the moment stings more than the study part.
I have ideas, but I don't put them into practice. Maybe I'm old already. Maybe I'm still a petulant irresponsible child. Either way, at 27 I shouldn't be either.